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Top 10 Digital Marketing Consulting/Services Companies In Europe - 2020

In this age of advancement, where everything is in constant breakthrough, marketers are at the forefront of the competition among brands with updated marketing technologies. The concepts of artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing, and voice search engine optimisation looking pointless at a time to being preceding digital marketing trends today; a lot has changed.

In the upcoming years, AI will be the commanding factor in nearly all sectors. Also, AI has the potential to be the core of global business and industry and can facilitate companies to analyse consumer behaviour and search patterns. Besides, chatbots will also be an integral part of digital marketing in 2020. This AI-based technology can help out with instant messaging to chat in real-time day or night with customers or visitors. Apart from this, businesses also need to personalise their marketing strategies according to the customer needs and comfort. In other words, companies need to personalise content, emails, products and more. In this day and age, customers are keen towards visuals and designs rather than readable content, and to be in the race businesses should focus more on investing in visual search technology. Also, voice search has existed over a decade, yet was not taken into account by companies. At present, web development has developed significantly, and analysts forecast that 50 per cent of the search request will be made by voice search and several online services will reconstruct their content and will establish voice queries on their webpage.

As things are moving rapidly in the digital marketing world, AI technology, video, voice search, and interactive content will be among the most notable trends. This is not the moment for a business to sit tight, as the younger demographics and many tech-savvy consumers of today want brands to connect with them in advanced and exciting ways.

To help CIOs navigate through the realm of digital marketing consulting/services companies, MarTech Outlook has compiled a list of the top 10 digital marketing consulting/services companies in Europe that exhibit competence in delivering robust consulting and services.

We present to you MarTech Outlook’s “Top 10 Digital Marketing Consulting/ Services Companies in Europe – 2020.”

    Top Digital Marketing Consulting/Services Companies In Europe

  • RichClicks is an award-winning digital marketing consultancy agency specialised in performance marketing and e-commerce. Founded in 2013, the London-based organisation is a full-service digital agency with run-of-the-mill digital marketing services such as SEO, Pay-Per-Click, social media marketing, mobile advertising, and more. But owing to its human-first approach, RichClicks’ services get the upper hand over its competition and make them a true leader in the digital marketing space. Recently, RichClicks was chosen by Google as one of the top international agencies for the quality services and marketing expertise it offers in the global market. As a Premier Google Partner Agency, RichClicks’ client’s benefit from only Google certified consultants

  • SAHARA offers comprehensive marketing solutions and specializes in social media management, digital campaigns, website design, performance measurement, content creation, video, and ad production, copywriting, and graphic design. SAHARA, as known today, was born out of a merger in 2009 between a company of the same name and SILENT, a production and content creation company. With this new combination of social media management expertise and production capabilities, the company is currently a frontrunner in delivering 360-degree digital marketing services worldwide. SAHARA’s in-house team of experienced individuals specialise in all aspects of social media and are incredibly insightful about generating click-worthy content for digital ad campaigns

  • The Engine was founded in 2005 as Nordic eMarketing by Kristjan Mar Hauksson—an author, international speaker, and a digital evangelist. His mission was to empower its clients to reach their target audience through performance-driven tactics and clear measurement metrics. Today, even after being fully owned by PiparTBWA, Iceland´s leading creative agency, The Engine is still continuing its foundational bequest of presenting the right mix of technical knowledge and marketing experience to offer result-driven marketing solutions and services

  • Upthrust is a global digital business acceleration office that implements growth marketing processes & builds high-performing digital products for ambitious SMEs and corporates, while training internal teams on the process and tactics used. The Digital Business Acceleration office has onboard the top 5% of Digital Talent , and has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Its client are situated in Europe, North-America and Australia

  • Ayima


    Ayima is a technology-driven digital marketing agency offering Performance SEO, Analytics, and Paid/Biddable Media (PPC, Paid Social, Programmatic). The company is focused on delivering digital excellence and driving traffic for some of the biggest brands in the world. Aima believes success comes from working collaboratively across departments and building strong relationships with its clients to deliver exceptional results



    DEFINE MEDIA is a team of digital innovators who have fun to find clever solutions for the challenges that media and advertising are facing today. The company delivers impact, creates value, and guarantees results, higher user acceptance, and user rates with its premium solution CONATIVE. With CONATIVE, the proficient team at DEFINE MEDIA established one of the most successful, fast-growing, native advertising products in Germany



    DENSOU has been a leading local media consultancy company since 2013. The company's objective is to deliver advertising efficiency and scalability by a combination of talented people, actionable insights, and technology deployment. DENSOU specializes in advertiser consultancy and marketing automation and collaborates with advertising agencies and advertisers with global reach to provide the right solution for their advertising needs. DENSOU’s stand-alone self-serve automation platform is customized for every client helping big national brands with franchises master local digital marketing at scale. DENSOU successfully embeds compliance and data control in its client-centric operational framework. DENSOU’s three-pronged focus on automation, consulting, and data empowers their clients to do the strategic buying themselves or leverage the company’s managed services offering to greatly increase the media ROI

  • Impactify


    Impactify is a web and mobile advertising exchange serving innovative premium user experience ads focused on the user experience and viewability. The company invented the out-stream, corner video format in the notification area. It gives access to their Premium Marketplace where they certainly guarantee high viewability on a brand-safe international inventory. They are proud to have developed a technology optimizing that can help the clients in monetization and respecting the users’ experience. Impactify has invented smart new formats to maximize impact for brands and high revenues for media

  • Peregrine


    Stockholm-based marketing and business transformation consulting company, Peregrine, takes an end-to-end strategy to help companies optimize their marketing strategies. Peregrine focuses on three core components—efficient processes, intuitive technology, and skilled, tech-savvy in-house marketing professionals. This approach aids a company’s in-house marketing team to execute technology-based marketing activities and elevate business outcomes. At a time when advanced algorithms and APIs drive businesses, Peregrine ensures that the client’s marketing strategy is complete, customer-centric, efficient, and future-proof. Backed by a highly technical team, Peregrine prepares a marketing baseline that defines the required changes to the client’s existing digital process and assesses customer acquisition costs

  • Precis Digital

    Precis Digital

    Precis is a data-driven, data-loving crowd in search of digital excellence. The company is quickly becoming world-class. Being a marketing agency, it is focused on providing the most relevant platforms to the clients’ digital investments. It follows a friendly culture, which has helped Precis to grow fast. With over a hundred different and talented people on-board, The company is in a more significant position than ever before. Focused on impact and transparency, the technology is in a constant state of transformation. Precis sees evidence of all the above and embraces it