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Brent Bellm, CEO, Big CommerceBrent Bellm, CEO In the retail industry the permeation of digital technologies has created a disruption in the manner by which organizations manage day-to-day business processes. From sales, customer relationships and accounting, these computational solutions offer retailers a whole new view of their operations in order to make them more efficient and enable for profitable monetary streams. Retailers must take immediate action to implement these solutions at their various touchpoints if they are to stay ahead of the competition and retain consumer loyalty.

As consumer demands rise, retailers must find new techniques to engage their clientele. A trend that is circulating in the industry currently is influencer marketing, and advertising on social media applications in order to directly interact with the customer. Another is the utilization of headless CMS which allows for brands to have better manageability over their users’ information empowering them to be compliant to all regulatory norms as well offering cybersecurity.

"Besides offering clients the freedom to have deep insight into their marketing and sales operations, BigCommerce has decoupled the entire presentation layer to allow clients to run multiple stores both physical and online under a single account"

Founded in 2009, one solution provider, BigCommerce offers merchants a best of breed ecommerce solution that can aid them to reap the benefits of cyberspace, and can ensure impressive sales and profits. Led by Brent Bellm, CEO, the company is aiding its clients revolutionize the way people shop, work and live.

Experience Commercial Versatility

Innovate.Outperform.Overachieve, BigCommerce’s motto toward marketing defines with exact credibility the way the firm operates. As ecommerce plays a huge role for retailers in today’s market, BigCommerce offers a SaaS-based solution that is enabling brands take to the internet by storm. The platform aids users to build various differentiated commercial consumer experiences that can boost sales while also maintaining security and scalability to fast-track an organizations growth.

BigCommerce enables marketing teams to mitigate their sales woes, and focus on innovation by offering support for a diverse range of use cases to streamline operations. Retailers can push past the barriers of old, and enter the new efficient technology enhanced world with confidence, and with minimal time spent on implementation. The solution also empowers supply-chain to be smooth, and ensures that brands are delivering product on time, and at low costs.

Besides offering clients the freedom to have deep insight into their marketing and sales operations, BigCommerce has decoupled the entire presentation layer to allow clients to run multiple stores both physical and online under a single account

It allows IT developers at retailers to build websites in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, with further options to test and push changes without any lags.

With consumer demands increasing, and calls for superior uptime, performance, and security of private data playing a huge part in marketing, BigCommerce leverages the power of Google Cloud to provide multiple layers of security, unparalleled bandwidth and blazing-fast speed.

Implementing BigCommerce’s platform is easy, the software program is SaaS oriented, and can be integrated with existing client technology stacks. The flexible APIs and webhooks that the ecommerce solution provider solicits allows for a deep bonding between content and commerce like never before.

Changing the Commercial Marketplace

With ecommerce firms entering the retail world and setting up physical outlets to directly interact with their consumers it is important that they understand the need of headless commerce. The deplorable strategy helps firms within the realm and creates branding structures and policies in areas where commerce functionality is extensively required.

Besides offering clients the freedom to have deep insight into their marketing and sales operations, BigCommerce has decoupled the entire presentation layer to allow clients to run multiple stores both physical and online under a single account. To enable clients to have accelerated efficiency and reduce bottlenecks, BigCommerce allows for customization of react.js and angular sites to fit into a CMS. Users can induce the most complex commerce plans along with beautifully curated content enabling for agile and flexible ecommerce.

Clients adopting BigCommerce’s platform can further tap into the provided APIs to bring seamless functionality into their operational systems and CX that has been built for shoppers. The robust ecommerce engine enhances marketing processes to scale along with the rest of the business, and it creates new avenues of profit for retailers.

Since clients may use different CMS, BigCommerce offers support for multiple CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Adobe Experience Manager, and Sitecore to name few.
Leveraging this type of digital power, consumers can delve into a world of AI search and merchandising tools to create personalized consumer experiences, and deliver immersive sites and robust commerce functionality.

Excellence Delivered

The diverse and holistic approach that BigCommerce deploys has allowed it to serve a variety of organizations in the retail realm.

In one such instance, a specialty gourmet food retailer, and one of the first culinary companies to sell online in the early 2000s was looking for a new ecommerce strategy, and approached Groove, a customer services provider for advice. The ecommerce experts at Groove after careful research suggested that the food retailer build a modern, feature-rich and responsive online storefront based on BigCommerce’s Enterprise platform.

Being a partner of BigCommerce, Groove aided the client to implement the solution with ease and to build a website that was enticing and engaging for visitors. Since the implementation of the solution, the gourmet food retailer has seen a substantial increase in sales conversion, huge savings in hosting costs, and an overall improvement in orders.

BigCommerce’s fame has led to them working with some of the largest retail firms across the globe, and the company does not stop there. It offers a solution BigCommerce Essentials for SMB’s and budding startups, so those companies to may enjoy the ecommerce strategies that the world wants in the modern digital world. One scenario where this streamlined solution came into play was when a startup retailer wanted to start selling their winter wear through their own ecommerce channel. Initially gaining momentum and enjoying the spoils of being a third-part vendor on premier online platforms such as eBay and Amazon, the client wanted to start their own website to be able to directly interact with customers. Choosing to leverage BigCommerce’s solution seen the client reduce their startup costs, and increase sales that allowed for them to have a better RoI.

The Future of ecommerce

Having successfully assisted clients to up their businesses by enabling them with online scalability that is powered by AI and security, BigCommerce is looking into other issues that are affecting the retail industry. One particular problem that the ecommerce solution provider detected was that most online shoppers were displeased with shipping experiences that left a huge dent in retail accounting books.

Recently, the company released the results of a self conducted study, and stated that it was important for retailers to understand this situation rather than undermine it. The purpose of the research was to provide merchandisers and sellers get significant insights into consumers’ shipping expectations, and best practices to create experiences that drive conversion and continued loyalty. Going forward, BigCommerce will also improve its own solutions to incorporate logistics strategies that are both consumer friendly, and not too hard on the pockets of retails looking to deliver their products on time, every time.