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Dennis De Cat, Managing Partner, UpthrustDennis De Cat, Managing Partner
Becoming a digital mature company is more than equipping the workforce with iPads, running some digital campaigns or even putting the majority of the organization’s data in the cloud. Although such initiatives can be part of a project to improve digital business processes, they will not, by themselves, propel growth, and they will not confer a lasting strategic advantage. Moreover, the conventional marketing and sales approach is no longer enough. Thus, to derive the maximum from any investment in digital assets, it would be wise to turn to experts with a proven experience in digital product development & growth acceleration.

Upthrust—an international growth office that focuses on full-funnel growth marketing and building better digital experiences answers the need for strategic and operational digital marketing (technology) talent by bridging the gap between marketing, sales and IT. The Belgian company helps its clients achieve impactful marketing & sales results by offering an operationally-excellent and resultfocused skillset and growth focused mindset by aligning with the business KPIs of its clients. Their Growth operations are based on the principles of kill/scale rounds and high tempo testing, whereas its Digital Product Studio operations are based on the latest principles of agile digital product design, development & delivery. To summarize, deep online marketing campaign acumen, in-depth and hands-on tool expertise combined with the ability to build new digital channels & products are the fundamental tenets of Upthrust’s core services. The team of +55 digital experts focuses on growth project & product delivery work and actively train your company’s staff on the go. They work for both ambitious SMEs and large corporations in more than 25 countries and counting.

The iceberg principle is the core of how they do business. Projects are run in teams. Always. Clients are only in contact with the tip of the iceberg, but nine-tenth of an iceberg’s mass is unseen, deep down in the water,” adds Dennis De Cat, the Managing Director at Upthrust.
“The importance of this iceberg principle is reflected in the semantic meaning of Upthrust—the upward force that makes the iceberg arise above the water’s surface. In every client project, there is a visible part (the Upthrust Core Team) and an Upthrust Expert Knowledge Team that creates high impact synergies towards project delivery. We don’t believe in traditional agency set-ups anymore because they don’t allow achieving the largest possible impact & knowledge transfer to the client.”

The Digital Business Acceleration office has onboarded the top 5% of Digital Talent across Europe, with career profiles such as Analytics Experts, Acquisition Specialists, CRO Specialists, Full-Stack Developers, UX/UI Designers, Google Analytics Experts, Storytelling Experts, Copywriters, Social Selling Experts, Campaign Managers, Data Scientists, Growth Managers and of course Scrum Masters to help its client with successful project deliveries. That’s why ambitious B2B and B2C companies trust The Upthrust Talent to get things done without any hassle.

As with many great companies, customer satisfaction and relationships are valued a great extent. In the same vein, Upthrust has helped many customers along its path to success, and one such client was ‘Multipharma’ – an omnichannel pharma retailer that wanted to grow the importance of its e-business in Belgium. As the online e-commerce channel was added to the retail mix, the client was looking for external help. Nonetheless, infused by high sales ambitions for 2019 and low first-quarter result, the same pharma distributor aimed to reach 2019 sales target by accelerating e-commerce revenue growth quickly, installing best-in-class customer acquisition funnels to boost conversion rates. After reviewing their past efforts, the Upthrust Growth Team implemented a growth marketing process to bolster its client’s e-commerce activities to the next level. Using a series of workshops, ideas and iterative campaign cycles (cfr. Kill/Scale rounds), the company’s Growth Team was able to drive new customers to the online channel and exponentially boost e-commerce revenues. Experiencing success in a concise amount of time has changed Multipharma’s way of working and has multiplied their yearly e-commerce revenue x10.

Upthrust’s unique approach has earned the company wide recognition in the industry, ensuring healthy operating margins with a substantial year-on-year business growth rate. Forging ahead, the firm plans to continue to expand its technology partnerships and methodologies to ensure their clients stay at the forefront of modern marketing. In keeping with the management team’s dedication to empower marketing efforts, the company will continue on its journey offering best-practice expertise to deliver exceptional ROI for clients.
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Diegem, Belgium

Dennis De Cat, Managing Partner

Upthrust is a global digital business acceleration office that implements growth marketing processes & builds high-performing digital products for ambitious SMEs and corporates, while training internal teams on the process and tactics used. The Digital Business Acceleration office has onboard the top 5% of Digital Talent , and has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Its client are situated in Europe, North-America and Australia

Upthrust News

Insider and Upthrust Join Forces to Accelerate Growth Marketing in the Benelux Market

Amsterdam and Diegem - Insider, the world's first integrated Growth Management Platform (GMP), and Upthrust, a leading European growth marketing firm, announced that they entered into a strategic partnership. Upthrust will leverage Insider's Growth Management Platform and technology to power its five-step growth framework across channels and industry verticals.
Insider's sophisticated AI-powered segmentation and recommendation strategies will enable Upthrust to strengthen its core marketing processes and strategies to achieve deeper individualization and cross-channel engagement.
Upthrust aims to bring a unified approach to delivering growth and personalization to its customers in the European market. Upthrust's model focuses on empowering B2C and B2B brands to optimize their full funnel expansion using their proprietary five-step growth marketing framework.
The partnership with Insider will bring growth acceleration technology to Upthrust, enabling accelerated A/B testing, faster insights from analytics, and consistent engagement with users through integrated features such as web push, personalized overlays, dynamic sticky bars, and real-time message triggers
"We decided to partner with Insider because of their growth acceleration platform that allows for solid testing, uplift analysis, and statistical insights. There are very few tools out there that provide such a broad range of features. We are proud to have this association with Insider because they deliver on what they promise. Working with Insider, we've realized an entrepreneurial partner and a relationship to add mutual value," said Dennis De Cat, Managing Partner at Upthrust.
Together, Upthrust and Insider will focus on developing the Belgian eCommerce market—sharing insights from their collective learnings with the market.
The partnership launched with its first customer, Torfs, the most famous shoe retailer in the Flemish region of Belgium, with more than 80 personalization campaigns that generated a high incremental revenue uplift through multiple scenarios, with uplift rates as high as 15% in web push services.
"With Upthrust, we found a strategic partner that is very complementary to Insider. Their growth framework, consultancy services, and strong reputation combined with our growth management technology will accelerate our customers' growth in the Belgian region," said Bas Drogtrop, Country Manager Benelux at Insider.
Insider's Growth Management Platform will support Upthrust's growth strategies with cutting-edge technology while providing experimentation capabilities to create value for customers. We hope to positively impact the ROI for customers and verticals that overlap our platforms," added Bas.