Peregrine: Rapid and Productive Marketing Transformation

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Anders Nygren, Founder & CEO, PeregrineAnders Nygren, Founder & CEO
To stay ahead in today’s highly competitive business world, organizations need to adopt a customer-centric work culture, where CMOs and marketing heads have greater visibility into business and product data. With rich insights, marketing leaders can respond faster to customer requirements and deliver the right experience along the customer journey. However, modern organizations lack a defined strategy and talent for digital marketing, hampering their ability to be accountable, on budget, and ahead of competitors. Stockholm-based marketing and business transformation consulting company, Peregrine, takes an end-to-end strategy to help companies optimize their marketing strategies. Peregrine focuses on three core components—efficient processes, intuitive technology, and skilled, tech-savvy in-house marketing professionals. This approach aids a company’s in-house marketing team to execute technology-based marketing activities and elevate business outcomes. “At a time when advanced algorithms and APIs drive businesses, we ensure that the client’s marketing strategy is complete, customer-centric, efficient, and future-proof,” states Anders Nygren, Founder and CEO of Peregrine.

Backed by a highly technical team, Peregrine prepares a marketing baseline that defines the required changes to the client’s existing digital process and assesses customer acquisition costs. Peregrine follows a systematic, strategic, and data-driven approach where the professional technical team understands clients’ marketing and sales processes, competitors, and, most importantly, the customer journeys. The company’s consulting team then designs a robust technology stack that supports the client’s entire marketing execution. “Organizations can own these technology stacks as brands or advertisers instead of depending on third-party agencies,” adds Nygren. Subsequently, the consulting team helps clients decide the required staff competencies to execute the marketing strategy efficiently.

At a time when advanced algorithms and APIs drive businesses, we ensure that the client’s marketing strategy is complete, customer centric, efficient, and future-proof

By enabling the clients with talented professionals who can configure and leverage the advanced technologies, algorithms, and digital marketing platforms, Peregrine helps CMOs drive the necessary changes in marketing efficiently. Moreover, the company’s effective marketing strategy helps brands and advertisers enhance their value-chain with functional teams skilled in gathering, analyzing, and acting on the valid customer data for B2C and B2B market.

A case in point, Peregrine helped the marketing team of a renowned telecommunications company to improve their strategies for better campaign execution. Peregrine assisted them in implementing several marketing teams that could work in an agile manner. “We not only helped them with practices such as Kanban, daily stand-up meetings, and two-week sprints for the campaigns but also supported them in scaling these tools across all the marketing teams.” Currently, the different agile marketing teams of the client are focusing on the various product segments, which reduces the time-to-market from 40-50 days to a mere 2-3 days. This benefit of speed gives them a significant competitive edge over the other industry players. Similarly, Peregrine aided a global B2B technology company for faster and productive marketing with the application of the defined, strategic framework. Within 12 months of implementing Peregrine’s marketing strategy, the client achieved tremendous success with the true power generated from the combination of process, technology, and people.

Currently, Peregrine is planning to onboard marketing talents having global experience and highly professional skill sets. The company will also be increasing the number of its technology partners with an emphasis on extending its marketing platforms and services portfolio. Most importantly, “We strive to strengthen our position as an agile and fast marketing consulting company that has a winning combination of efficient strategies and fruitful execution,” concludes Nygren.