DENSOU: Master the Art of Local Digital Marketing

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Anders Elley, CEO, DENSOUAnders Elley, CEO
It’s the new phase in the adtech market. In the era of digital consumerism, personalized and relevant advertisements are the need of the hour to target modern consumers. In tune, the buzzwords in today’s adtech market are automation and insourcing. Large advertisers are increasingly seeking new ways to use ad technology to the fullest and deliver value in a cost-effective way while simultaneously having complete control over their ad campaigns. This is where Denmark-based DENSOU steps in at a time that is ripe to veer away from the conventional approach to advertising. “DENSOU’s stand-alone self-serve automation platform is customized for every client helping big national brands with franchises master local digital marketing at scale,” says Anders Elley, CEO of DENSOU.

DENSOU’s three-pronged focus on automation, consulting, and data empowers their clients to do the strategic buying themselves or leverage the company’s managed services offering to greatly increase the media ROI.

Elley points out to the impending need for reaching out to the consumer at a local level as in an everyday scenario, a consumer will go to the nearest store to purchase a product. Through DENSOU’s automation platform, advertisers can impact their audience on a local level in a more personalized way and be in complete control of their ad campaigns. The intuitive platform allows advertisers to easily set up their campaigns by choosing the template, putting in the budget information, target audience, the period of running the campaign, and the domains for ads to go live on. Customized to the client’s needs, the platform automatically injects the local dealer's name in each ad creative pertaining to that local area. Advertisers and dealers can track their campaign in real-time, view the number and type of live campaigns, and their geographical coverage across different countries.

DENSOU’s prowess comes to fore in the case of Volkswagen Group, Denmark.

DENSOU’s stand-alone self-serve automation platform is customized for every client helping big national brands with franchises master local digital marketing at scale

The need to impact the prospective customer on a local level was taken up on priority by Volkswagen Group when they witnessed a steep decline in the number of store visits.

In response to “the showroom has moved into the living room” trend, Volkswagen was in search of a partner that could help them create the impact on a local level while being in complete control of activating their campaigns. DENSOU reposed Volkswagen’s technical and business pains by co-developing a customised solution. The collaboration between DENSOU and Volkswagen resulted in the emergence of a self-service platform that empowers local dealerships with control and easy usability to run display campaigns within local districts. The collaboration has enabled Volkswagen to automatically execute more than 2000 display campaigns efficiently, which has resulted in the vast increase in qualified traffic to dealerships and landing pages.

DENSOU also takes into account the need for advertisers with multiple franchises to market their product through classified ads on a local level. Creating local classified ads manually is a tedious task and it does not provide advertisers with the required operational efficiency and control. DENSOU aims to advance its clients spanning across the housing, cars, and job sectors from being print-oriented to become digital. DENSOU has been successfully working on automating classified ads within these sectors for the past three years.

Striding into the future, DENSOU is now planning to dive deeper into the housing and car verticals while also expanding into other markets where geography matters with a cost-efficient model. Having its presence in countries like the UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Belgium, DENSOU will now be expanding its geographical footprint to other countries. As the biggest local media agency in Denmark, DENSOU strives to be ahead of the technological curve and enhance the relevancy of the platform with a slew of new functionalities.